We offer Airport pickups and drop off as well as Transportation to and from different travel destinations in Sri Lanka. 

Rent a bicycle

Bicycling a nice way to discover the ancient cities of Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura or enjoy the magnificent sights around Sigiriya rock. You can also bike around the Kandy lake with the fresh breeze in the air.

Rent a scooter/bike

Would you like to cruise around the city or discover the uphill country? Did you always bream about riding a bike down the costal roads and enjoy the tropical beaches. Then renting a bike is the right choice for you!

Rent a Tuk Tuk

If you want to travel the Sri Lankan way a Tuk Tuk is the right transportation to choose. Sri Lankan Tuk Tuks are like none other; unique, practical and can take you anywhere your heart desires.

Rent a car

Freedom and comfort as at home, but a totally new experience. We offer car rental services with or without a driver. This gives you unique opportunity to discover all the places public transport won’t take you too and travel at your own pace.

Rent a van

A perfect way to travel for smaller groups. We offer van rental services with or without a driver. Renting one gives you the chance to explore Sri Lanka in your own way and to adjust to a group’s needs.

ATTENTION: Don't forget that vehicles in Sri Lanka drive on the left side. Helmets on bikes are mandatory. The situations and rules on the roads may be different then in your country so make sure you get familiar with those before driving. Make sure you are comfortable driving around before entering major road and main cities. Remember – safety first!